Healthy Food


Want to learn more about nutrition and how to make simple behavior changes for lifetime results? I’ve created a Nutrition Guide that is packed with information on how you can get started TODAY. With information on sleep, stress management, hydration, exercise, nutrition, macronutrients, fat loss, and so much more, this guide can steer you in the right direction on your health and fitness journey.

I’ve even included some of my favorite easy and delicious recipes!


  • The 5 Foundations to better overall health

  • The lowdown on macronutrients and why they're important

  • Instructions on how to calculate your caloric intake to support your lifestyle and goals

  • Information on Maintenance, Fat Loss, Reverse Dieting, Muscle Gain 

  • Macro Cheat Sheet

  • Macro Tracking Tips & Tricks

  • How to use MyMacros+ and MyFitnessPal

  • My favorite easy recipes