Do you provide meal plans?

No. Only Registered Dietitians are legally allowed to prescribe meals plans to clients. However, I am able to provide a detailed nutrition plan that is customized to your individual lifestyle and goals. This includes information on 5 foundations that are important to your overall health, macro targets, and simple behavior changes. The guide will help you manage your own meal plan based on the foods you like and your lifestyle. By giving you the tools you need, you’ll be able to achieve greater success long-term.


Is the nutrition plan very strict?

No. Your custom nutrition plan is designed to be flexible. This flexibility will ensure you stick to a plan long-term instead of restricting all your favorite foods. While your diet shouldn't be filled completely with junk food, this plan will allow you to have a treat when you want it. It will also help you learn how to navigate situations like a social gathering or going out to eat at restaurants without feeling like you’re ruining your progress.


Will I see results right away?

It is up to you. As your coach, I will provide the necessary tools for you to succeed but I cannot do the work for you. Information without action won’t cut it here. Motivation is fleeting. You will need to agree to be accountable; only your hard work, discipline, and self-control will take you where you want to go.


Do you only help people who want to lose weight?

No. Whether your goals are for fat loss, feeling better overall, or performing better in the gym, I can help you achieve success.